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Introducing the GCC

The Ginger Cucumber Cooler is sure to be your new summer crush. Enjoy it 2 ways: save the recipe below and watch how to make it and/or come to Palomino's and order with friends and family.

GCC Recipe

1.5 OZ Ginger Beer
6 Slices of Cucumber
1.5 OZ Tito's Vodka or your favorite
1 OZ Fresh Lime Sour
0.5 OZ Club Soda

1. Muddle the first 3 cucumbers in a pint glass and fill with ice followed by the lime sour, Vodka and shake well.
2. Add 2 cucumber wheels to the shaken cocktail and pour into a mojito glass, top with ice.
3. Top with the ginger beer and soda. Garnish with the remaining cucumber.